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12,90 EUR*
Details Portfolio Assessment Uses, Cases, Scoring, and Impact: Assessment Update Collections (Assessment Update Special Collections)

Portfolio Assessment Uses, Cases, Scoring, and Impact Mined from the archives of the award-winning "Assessment Update", this work talks about assessment in higher education. Full description

27,49 EUR*
Details Assessment In Secondary Schools: The New Teacher's Guide to Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting and Accountability

Assessment in Secondary Schools Offers a consideration of aspects of assessment which exercise teachers at the beginning of their career such as the relationship between assessment and learning, how assessment contributes to planning, ways of marking ...

34,76 EUR*
Details Mathematics Formative Assessment, Volume 1: 75 Practical Strategies for Linking Assessment, Instruction, and Learning (Corwin Mathematics)

Mathematics Formative Assessment This title follows Page Keeley's bestselling book on Science Formative Assessment. It identifies and describes practical techniques teachers can use to build a rich repertoire of formative assessment strategies for ...

25,30 EUR*
Details Sum Fun Maths Assessment: Years 3-4 Maths Assessment Puzzles for the 2014 Curriculum (Sum Fun Maths Assessment Sheet)

Sum Fun Maths Assessment is a series of 3 books full of puzzle worksheets for assessing children's progress in maths. Each sheet is self-correcting - children solve the mathematical questions, then use the code to find the answers to the silly jokes ...

19,41 EUR*
Details 101 Essential Lists on Assessment

101 Essential Lists on Assessment Features lists ranging from using positive assessment to increase student's self-esteem, to explaining various forms of assessment. Full description

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Details Assessment to Promote Deep Learning: Insight from AAHE's 2000 and 1999 Assessment Conferences

Assessment to Promote Deep Learning This edited collection of presentations by major speakers at AAHE's 1999 and 2000 Assessment Conferences offers cutting-edge ideas from: Jorge Klor de Alva; Noel Entwistle; James Anderson; Victor Borden; Jean ...

40,99 EUR*
Details Designing Effective Assessment: Principles and Profiles of Good Practice

Designing Effective Assessment With assessment in the national and international spotlight as never before, faculty and staff are searching for examples of good practice in assessment. This new book expands on Trudy Banta's classic work Assessment in ...