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Details Pattern-Recognition-Machine-Intelligence-and-Biometrics

Pattern Recognition, Machine Intelligence and Biometrics Pattern Recognition, Machine Intelligence and Biometrics covers recent developments in the field of pattern recognition using artificial intelligence technologies. Topics include image analysis ...

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Details Guide-to-OCR-for-Indic-Scripts-Document-Recognition-and-Retrieval-Advances-in-Computer-Vision-and-Pattern-Recognition

Document Recognition and RetrievalGebundenes BuchOptical Character Recognition (OCR) is a key enabling technology critical to creating indexed, digital library content, and it is especially valuable for Indic scripts, for which there has been very ...

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Details Progress-in-Pattern-Recognition-Advances-in-Computer-Vision-and-Pattern-Recognition

Overview andGoals Pattern recognition has evolved as a mature field of data analysis and its practice involves decision making using a wide variety of machine learning tools. Over the last three decades, substantial advances have been made in the ...

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Details Computational-Intelligence-in-Multi-Feature-Visual-Pattern-Recognition-Hand-Posture-and-Face-Recognition-using-Biologically-Inspired-Approaches-Studies-in-Computational-Intelligence-Band-556

Hand Posture and Face Recognition using Biologically Inspired ApproachesGebundenes BuchThis book presents a collection of computational intelligence algorithms that addresses issues in visual pattern recognition such as high computational complexity ...

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Details Statistical-Pattern-Recognition

Statistical Pattern Recognition Statistical pattern recognition relates to the use of statistical techniques for analysing data measurements in order to extract information and make justified decisions. It is a very active area of study and research ...

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Details Image-Processing-and-Pattern-Recognition-Fundamentals-and-Techniques

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition The techniques and applications in the area of image processing and pattern recognition have been growing tremendously. Full description

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Details Skin-Color-Recognition-Preference-and-Identification-in-Interracial-Children-A-Comparative-Study

Skin Colour Recognition, Preference and Identification in Interracial Children Skin Color Recognition, Preference and Identification in Children: A Comparative Study is a remarkable study based on thorough primary research. Interracial children's ...

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Details Robust-Speech-Recognition-of-Uncertain-or-Missing-Data-Theory-and-Applications

Theory and ApplicationsGebundenes BuchAutomatic speech recognition suffers from a lack of robustness with respect to noise, reverberation and interfering speech. The growing field of speech recognition in the presence of missing or uncertain input ...